Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wing commander Gander and the first sortie of the day

It starts at first light with a genteel murmur across the lake, feathers ruffling wings stretching the beginning of the flight check before takeoff. The murmur of whispered chatter all waiting for the wing commanders call to flight and the first sortie of the day. The first wave revving their vocal cords line themselves up and at his command their off, forming themselves into flight formation before clearing the lake, as are the second and third wave followed by the stragglers giving voice as the try to catch up. Once gone the lake and those beside it turn over and go back to sleep until the mist has cleared and the sun has begun to warm the air.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

To all you boating bods out there

Tip or more a word of warning to all you gents who need a pee in the night, do not (emphasise) do not do it over the side without remembering the *golden* rule one hand on the boat at all times. Many a missing boater is found with his flys open.