Monday, 29 August 2011

Who would destroy such beauty only man in search of bounty. written 1976

The bouncing spirits of sunlight dancing through shimmering foliage,
Tiny rivers of flowing gold caressing the gentle green,
Soft blue shadows swaying with the movement of the trees,
Diamond white sky becoming the very primer of the eye,
The burning umber of the earth bearing the weight of the canvas
Like a mother nursing her child,
The sudden flight of a bird the rising of a shadowy soul,
It’s warning cry of alarm an anguished cry for peace,
Who would destroy such beauty only man in search of bounty.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Just realised I wrote this ten year ago after the big opp

Do you know where you’re going,
Will you be happy there.
                                            I wonder.
Is your journey long,
Will you make it there,
                                           I wonder.
The burdens you carry,
Will they become too heavy,
                                          I wonder.
Will there be somebody with you,
Will they share your load.
                                          I wonder.
Me I’ve not far to travel,
And my load it only light.
          I now have time to wonder.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Written to my kids in 1974

I’ve seen that joy in you,
Natures joy as fresh as dew,
The sun shining on your face,
Gives it more than simple grace,
It burns with passion,
It extends its warmth all around,
And makes your tender joy abound,
The happiness I get from you,
Makes life so fresh and new

I wrote that in 1974, thirty seven years ago and nothing’s changed

What freedom have they

What name do you kill in,
What excuse for your sin.
Will you destroy a kingdom
In the name of freedom
Do your fathers condone your crime
Have your mothers wept for this time
Will you suffer your children
That they must carry your burden
Or will you teach them to kill
Their hearts with hate fill
To carry on it your place
So that they destroy their race
What feeling when you see the dead
They are your countrymen that bleed
Your bombs that destroyed them
Will you rejoice in this day
What freedom have they

I wrote that in 1974, thirty seven years ago and nothing’s changed 

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Saturday, 20 August 2011

What’s the difference

What’s the difference between a solicitor and an estate agent? The solicitor takes five years of study to become an arsehole whereas the estate agent is just naturally gifted 

Thursday, 18 August 2011

BW to sell occupied cottages

It is always the way that when a large organisation like BW is about to be turned into a charity the fat cats at the top try to sell off as many of the assets as they can. By doing so they are able to give themselves large pay increases and fat bonuses, a, because they can show there is the funds to pay for it and b, that they are entitled to the money as a share in the profit’s BW have made. To say it is so that the money can be invested elsewhere is the usual red herring these kind of people use to justify their actions.
It is almost guaranteed that by the time charitable status is established BW will have been stripped of all its assets and profits lost in a mired of money wasting projects that only benefit those at the top.
As I understand it none of these people have any outside experience or qualifications concerning canals, waterways or marine engineering but are made up from the unscrupulous ranks of estate agents and solicitors and are now supported by a government made up of PR consultants, management consultants and someone who used to be in wallpaper. So is it any wonder the waterways are going down the drain.
The thing that makes me most angry is that these vultures, for that’s what they are, do all this off the backs of hardworking volunteers and can’t even be bothers to turn up to give a word of praise or thanks, deeming it below their stature, and usually send some minion (also usually unpaid) to do it for them.
I could rant on for ages these people make me so angry. These are the ones who are bringing this country down with their greed. There so much more I could say but I leave it open for others to add and to and continue.

Monday, 15 August 2011

wood carving

I don’t get many requests, who am I kidding this is the first, so here are the photos of the carved grab post I made when I had the yacht Aegier. The dolphin design is not original but taken from a book “Marine Carving Handbook” by Jay s. Hanna, a little gem.