Wednesday, 13 November 2013

RBS and why you wouldn't think that we owned it.

Trundled along to the bank at Fareham on Monday, it being my local branch of RBS. Wanted to open another Acc specifically to use for the boat and pay a cheque in to open it. Now considering that I already have a savings Acc and. Current Acc at this branch I mistakenly thought it would be simple.

I went armed with my credit and debit card as well as my driving licence as proof of identity. Not enough by all *accounts* I also should have had proof of address like a utility bill or electoral roll registration. But the address is on my driving licence, not enough. But I didn't have this trouble when I transferred my Acc here so why now. Bank policy.

Well this is the Lezwilki policy. I shall go down the road to another bank and open an Acc there, first checking that should I in future want to open an additional Acc I don't have to beg to do so, then I shall transfer all to the new bank.

Is it any wonder that RBS is still in the shit.

On the way home I stopped to register with a Doctor, as I'm new to the area, filled in the appropriate forms showed them my driving licence, which they photo copied, and hey presto registered and they will now supply me with drugs should I need them whereas I couldn't even give the fruggin bank my money.