Monday, 26 March 2012

English open Taekwon-Do championships

When I first tweeted this I mistakenly said the British championships, a different event and venue altogether.
The event was held at the Guildford leisure centre, what a place massive with all sorts of events going on at the same time, nothing anywhere like this when I was young and free parking  which in this day and age seems to be the exception rather than the rule. The Taekwon-Do was in a hall on the lower ground floor level with room for seating and 6 matted areas.

First off the kids had to do patterns, a series of moves and stances to show their skill and discipline unfortunately I didn’t get there in time to see this and sadly neither of them won any medals which is unusual.
Next up is the sparing which is where it gets exciting, first Pic’s are of some 5 year olds really going at it.
The only tears seem to be those of frustration if they lose and those never seem to last long.

Harry’s first fight was a good one which he won 3 to 1 with the judge’s. Harry being the one in the red foot pads.
Sadly he lost his next bout, to the kid who went on to win the gold medal and who is also one of his pals. Harry getting an accidental nutmeg or as one guy commented (cor that rung his bells).   

Daisy; well what to say about Daisy. Her bout lasted about 30 seconds before she was disqualified for what they call head shots. To explain, in this country up until the age of 14 they are not allowed to punch or kick to the head (Daisy won’t be 14 until July) but she is in intensive training to compete for Wales in the European championships where contact to the head is permitted and she was determined to lay down a marker to the over 14 that she was coming and to beware.
Innocent little angel aint she.

    The rule is a yellow card for every contact to the head 3 and you’re out pic is of Daisy getting her 3rd card Daisy being the short


And so ended an eventful day  but a very enjoyable one. Anyone looking for an enjoyable day out (and it’s all free) the British championships will be at the same venue in July I for one will be there.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Poem by Brian Waller Procter

I never was on the dull tame shore
But I lov’d the great sea more and more
And backward flew to her billowy breast
Like a bird that seeketh its mothers nest
And a mother she was and is to me
For I was born on the open sea

A few more musings from 1974/76

Don’t mock me in my sincerity
Your sickly green shows through
I believe in my nature
And not in your discourse
I am not a social outcast
I cast out your society first


Nothing’s changed
I’ve tried
Even to build false pride
All feelings to hide laughed instead of cried
But nothing changed inside
I’m still overwhelmed by the tide

I’m not Gay but I have some wonderful gay friends who I would rather be in the company off than some hypocrite I walk now on a strange but very gentle path
Winding its way through new and softer thoughts
Each step I take leads me farther from the cold road
That cuts like a black scar through my unsettled past
I seek to lose myself in the bright new foliage

My body no longer weary in its trudging travel
Vibrates with new excitement
My tread light in anticipation
My eyes wide in discovery
I am no longer shackled by the irons of society
My mind no longer lame by its ever demanding order
I walk freely into nature