Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A change of address

Went on line to change the address on my driving licence. Filled in my new address and where asked put in my previous address, the one on my existing driving licence and on the counterpart, I did so only to be told that the address doesn't exist. Checked it and retyped it but nope it doesn't exist even though they sent me a form to fill in when I reached 70 and renewed it until 2014. Does this mean that the licensing authority have issued a licence to an address. That they now deem to be nonexistent. Couldn't continue with the online application so went to the post office and specifically asked for the form to change the address on my driving licence. Was handed a form along with envelope and assorted leaflets. Should have checked before leaving the counter what I got was an application for for a driving licence . Looked at the length of the queue and gave up and went home. Decided to phone, after waiting in a queue for 20 minutes I gave up and have decided to wait until they send me a renewal form next year if I don't die of fucking frustration first.