Thursday, 18 August 2011

BW to sell occupied cottages

It is always the way that when a large organisation like BW is about to be turned into a charity the fat cats at the top try to sell off as many of the assets as they can. By doing so they are able to give themselves large pay increases and fat bonuses, a, because they can show there is the funds to pay for it and b, that they are entitled to the money as a share in the profit’s BW have made. To say it is so that the money can be invested elsewhere is the usual red herring these kind of people use to justify their actions.
It is almost guaranteed that by the time charitable status is established BW will have been stripped of all its assets and profits lost in a mired of money wasting projects that only benefit those at the top.
As I understand it none of these people have any outside experience or qualifications concerning canals, waterways or marine engineering but are made up from the unscrupulous ranks of estate agents and solicitors and are now supported by a government made up of PR consultants, management consultants and someone who used to be in wallpaper. So is it any wonder the waterways are going down the drain.
The thing that makes me most angry is that these vultures, for that’s what they are, do all this off the backs of hardworking volunteers and can’t even be bothers to turn up to give a word of praise or thanks, deeming it below their stature, and usually send some minion (also usually unpaid) to do it for them.
I could rant on for ages these people make me so angry. These are the ones who are bringing this country down with their greed. There so much more I could say but I leave it open for others to add and to and continue.


  1. Couldn't agree more. It always been the way management look after themselves and workers get made redundant the only thing we can do is keep going on about it and hope someone who can do something about it hears! Depressing I know but it's the way it works
    Posted on behalf of @nbdavinci

  2. is it any wonder the waterways are going down the drain.

    hahaha love it:)

    logging in with, so far so good :)

  3. Very valid points well made. Let's hope the new charitable trust has some real boaters involved in the running of it; real boaters being those that are in contact with the cut on a daily basis.

  4. Hear! Hear! Well said, Lez.

    All those volunteers doing a thankless task so the fat cats get fatter. Time for someone to send in the dogs... Is Boo busy at the moment? ;)

  5. You put it well, Lez. I expect by now most of our country's hard working citizen's are heartily sick of hearing about the greed of the 'top brass' across all types of organisations, who generally speaking have 'managed' their organisations into so-called profitability on the back of honest workers by ensuring their low paid staff remain very low paid or indeed rendered redundant! There seems to be absolutely no integrity at the top and no respect or decency left in business. This type of business attitude exemplifies the polar opposite existence to where I choose to be: which is amongst the warmest hearted, kindest and most generous people I know - boaters! We deserve better from an organisation who claims to work in our interest!