Friday, 2 September 2011

Encounter with cyclist bank holiday Sunday

Just about to settle down with a nice glass of claret to watch the F1 when there is a ringing of bells, thought hello I haven’t had the microwave on, look outside to see a his and hers in matching lycra sitting astride  matching bikes. The lead one, think it was female, then starts calling out “who’s dog is this,” stick head out yes what’s the problem,  “your dog’s blocking the towpath”, I’ve been waiting for this for ages, no it isn’t, mail voice “well what’s that then”, that’s The Boo lying beside our path the towpath is on the other side of the canal. Are you a boat or berth owner if not then you’re on private property and I’m asking you to get off your bikes (strange as I’m usually telling people to “get on yer bike”) and push them to the end of the path where you will see a sign confirming what I have said. The Boo and I smugly watched two brightly coloured and chastised pedal pushers walking their bikes down the path 

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  1. I can't help laughing even though I cycle everywhere (and am normally the one being told off)!