Sunday, 4 March 2012

A few more musings from 1974/76

Don’t mock me in my sincerity
Your sickly green shows through
I believe in my nature
And not in your discourse
I am not a social outcast
I cast out your society first


Nothing’s changed
I’ve tried
Even to build false pride
All feelings to hide laughed instead of cried
But nothing changed inside
I’m still overwhelmed by the tide

I’m not Gay but I have some wonderful gay friends who I would rather be in the company off than some hypocrite I walk now on a strange but very gentle path
Winding its way through new and softer thoughts
Each step I take leads me farther from the cold road
That cuts like a black scar through my unsettled past
I seek to lose myself in the bright new foliage

My body no longer weary in its trudging travel
Vibrates with new excitement
My tread light in anticipation
My eyes wide in discovery
I am no longer shackled by the irons of society
My mind no longer lame by its ever demanding order
I walk freely into nature


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