Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A message to all the grass root workers of the Lib/Dem party

As they stagger blindly into oblivion the devoted hard working Liberal Democrat grass root workers must be wondering how their leaders dragged their party into this disastrous coalition . Well the answers simple their leader Clegg was never a Lib/Dem  but a product of the Tory party being educated and trained by them and even employed by them before being eased first into the party and then it's leadership. Any opposition being conveniently marginalised by the Tory machine.

 A similar thing goes for Alexander who had there been a stronger Tort party in Scotland would have stuck to his true Conservative principles. 

The only enigma is Cable a man thought to be a true Liberal but somehow overtaken by either power or pay.  As for the other sheep in the flock, well one can only hope they have proper jobs to go to.

I just feel sad and sorry for all those people who have worked so hard over  the years to build the Liberal Democrat Party into a position where they were beginning to see the fruit of all that hard work and a party finally beginning to have some influence. It must be disheartening to see it all thrown away for a few pieces of silver. 

I say all this as someone who has always believed and voted Liberal as did my father ( who will be turning in his grave at what this bunch of shysters have done to his party) even making our home available as local HQ in election time. 

So I say thank you to all those that have put self interest before party and principal. I'm sure you will think it worth it. To those still struggling to come to terms with what has happened to you part I'd say *it is your party and you can go like lambs to the slaughter or change it but do it now while there is time*. 


  1. Totally agree with you. I've voted Liberal Democrat in the past, but I never will again. I can't believe they've been a part of such a hateful and vile government.

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  3. What a load of illegible rubbish. No real comments on specific details about policies you disagree on. More a rant on the way home from the pub.

    1. All mouth no trousers. Hid behind anomity. Wanna be taken seriously then put your name where your mouth is or fuck off