Thursday, 7 March 2013

Old age on the phone

A friend just phoned. Her husband had an operation last week and was fitted with a catheter, everything was fine until yesterday when he complained that his penis was sore and he was bleeding slightly. Not sure what to do she decided to phone the national health line to ask for advice. She said she felt the guy who answered seemed a bit vague when she told him the problem even to the point of asking where the catheter was. This made her angry so she said where the bloody hell do you think it is, it's in his penis your supposed to know this sort of thing, what kind of service is this when you don't even know what a catheter is or where it goes. There was silence for a bit, then just as she was about to start in on him again, then he answered Lady I don't know who you think your talking to but this is your local minicab office, cars and where they go I know about catheters no.

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