Saturday, 9 March 2013

Returning to the Becky

It's gonna feel strange going back to the Barge Becky without me old buddy Boo. We spent fourteen happy years together there. Boo came to me as a puppy just after I bought the Becky and apart from staying for the last few year,over the winter, at my sisters new no other life. She had the freedom of the boat and the canal bank and never strayed off, unless she went to visit people she knew on other boats, preferring to lay on or by the path so she could greet anyone who passed. Over the years she got to know and be known by lots of people who I'm sure they will miss her almost as much as I do.
The irony is that not long before The Boo passed over the rainbow bridge to doggy heaven I decided to sell the Becky. And so will come to an end another chapter in my life, the end of another adventure that I am happy to have experienced and enjoyed. The Boo will never be forgotten nor the wonderful time we had together.
So what will come next? Thats the wonderful thing about life you never know what tomorrow will bring, already I have a new companion *The Tramp* I wouldn't say we were real buddy's yet, it's only been a few weeks, but we're getting there. The Becky is up for sale again and as soon as she's sold I shall go look for a smallish narrow boat to wonder the canals on. It will be yet another adventure with a new companion to look forward to.

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