Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Coast Guard and Air Sea Rescue

For the last 70 odd years this country has had a state run Coast Guard and Air Sea Rescue service now thanks to this government the Coast guard will be centralized losing all local knowledge and the Air Sea Rescue will pass from the hands of the air force and navy to a private run company based, not in this country but in Texas USA. Thank God the RNLI is a charitable organization and hopefully beyond the reach of these clowns in so called government.
I understand that the American co has paid about 1.7 billion for the contract so wonder how long it will be before people will be asked for their insurance details before rescue or those other voluntary organizations such as the RNLI or mountain rescue are pushed to one side in the pursuit of profit. Someone’s got to pay.
I have read that for every hour of flying time an Air Sea Rescue helicopter needs 30 mins of ground service. When our overpriced rail service has a train breakdown it is usually no more than an inconvenience, in the air it will be a disaster. And who will be running this service on behalf of the American Co not G4S, or the like, I hope or we will have to bring the RAF in to rescue them.

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